Why settle for a white or black? Get a custom iPad 2 from Colorware iPad 2

The iPad has many accessories.  Cases, keyboards, screen covers, and more.  With the release of iPad 2 we've also witnessed a company selling an $8 million iPad featuring 70 ounces of 24-carat gold and 12.5 carats of diamonds jammed into the Apple logo and Harrod's selling iPads covered in Swarovski Crystals. If the price points of both of those iPad-enhancing options have you out of the market, maybe an custom iPad design from Colorware may interest you.

Depending on model, your new iPad 2 can get a rather slick looking paint job.  For "only" $400 Colorware will paint your iPad using a variety of color combinations.

If you've yet to purchase iPad 2, one can also purchase a custom-colored iPad directly from Colorware starting for $900 for the WiFi-only model or $1030 for the 3G+WiFi option.

While yours truly likes the color options, white or black, from Apple, the black and red Colorware version has me trying to determine where I can get $400 for an iPad makeover.

What about you?  Would you shell out $400 to get your iPad painted?  Which of the color combinations do you like most?