Review : Voice Recorder HD for the iPad


The Apple iPad, despite the claims of its detractors, is not a giant iPhone or iPod Touch. The iPad, as though who have had the joy of using the device have come to find out, offers a truly unique experience. That said, one of the most rudimentary examples of the difference between the iPhone and the iPad can be found in the number of apps each device comes pre-installed with. The iPhone features 20, the iPad only 13.

One app noticeably absent from the iPad is an app I use daily on the iPhone, “Voice Memos.” Voice Recorder HD, a $1.99 app for the iPad, seeks to fill the memo left by the lack of “Voice Memos” on the iPad.

The UI on Voice Recorder HD is visually appealing, the controls are easy to use, and for a voice recorder, the app is feature-rich.

Designed by eFusion, Voice Recorder HD offers unrestricted, high quality sound recording for one’s iPad at an easy-to-swallow price. Voice Recorder HD allows one to record and tag voice memos, add text to recordings, share a message through email, and almost as important, anyone can use it, and everyone at one point will need it.

Using Voice Recorder HD is as easy as launching the app and hitting record (a red button) to begin creating your message. A message can be paused mid-message and then resumed, or simply stopped. Accessing the audio menu allows one to play, delete, send via email, or add text to any message.

Using Voice Recorder HD for several days I found myself recording audible notes more and more on my iPad, all but shunning “Voice Memos” on my iPhone. While the app is similar to that which is pre-loaded on the iPhone, the ability to tag one’s recordings, add text, in addition to being able to use Voice Recorder HD to record anything from simple reminders, to important points (and notating those points) made during business meetings, is really what impressed me.

For anyone that uses “Voice Memos” or takes notes audibly as opposed to typing everything, I recommend Voice Recorder HD. The app is easy to use, is much more than a standard voice recorder and can be had at a low price not often found in the paid apps section of Apple’s App Store.