Review : The SmartSuit 2 by The Joy Factory


I've been bombarded with iPad cases lately, never a bad thing, unless they all end up being pretty darn great (or horrible I suppose), as it makes differentiating them to readers a little more difficult. Today I'm bringing to your attention the SmartSuit 2 by The Joy Factory. Despite the fact that it looks like so many other cases for the device, this one is pretty special I have to say. Here's why...


This sucker is light and thin thin thin. The ultra-slim case only adds 9.5mm to your iPad 2, making it almost feel like it isn't there at all, while protecting nicely. Many cases fail to take into consideration that users love Apple products, specifically the iPad, for their slim designs, among other things. Thankfully with the SmartSuit 2, this is not an issue at all.

Smart Cover

One of the big draws from the announcement of the iPad 2 was the Smart Cover. With good reason, it's pretty great. Since then, many accessory makers have been sticking the same concept into their own cases, yet others have neglected it. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone wouldn't want this wake and sleep, simply by opening and closing the front cover. Once again, the SmartSuite 2 took the correct path and brought that function to the case as well.


Prop up the iPad 2 for watching movies and videos, lay it flat with a tiny angle for keying, fully open the front cover and hold it naturally or with the cover in the "triangle" fold to give yourself something a little bigger to hold on to while walking or sitting and reading. All in all, it offers the same angles the Smart Cover offers, and it stays in those angles perfectly.

Look and Feel

The SmartSuit 2 hugs your iPad 2 nicely in synthetic leather, and it doesn't have that slippery type feel to it either. The iPad 2 snaps right into place, very easily, and doesn't come out. It protects the corners and sides very nicely, something the Smart Cover doesn't do. The case has this (hard to explain) rough feel to it, without being jagged or annoying, that lets you hold onto the iPad and carry it with you without fear that it may slip out of your hands. Another thing that is so great is that unlike the actual Smart Covers by Apple, the SmartSuit 2 covers the front and the back, and still maintains the thin 9.5mm additional size...which is sure to delight many who find placing the iPad on a table without first wiping it off a horrible sin!

Buttons and Such

All openings are available, and all cutouts perfectly placed. I had no problems adjusting the volume, the orientation lock, or any of the others. The speaker also has a nice cutout and isn't hindered by the back cover at all, which is great.


At $59.95 the SmartSuit 2 isn't the cheapest iPad 2 case out there, but when you compare it to the Smart Covers by Apple, to me, it's a bargin. It's available in two colors as sure to visit their site for more details.

Final Thoughts

I was pretty excited to test out this case, and was not let down at all, it really is a great case for users who plan to use their iPad in a variety of positions that the Smart Cover offers, but want added protection. I love the front and back protection, the thin form factor, and sleep/wake, and that it feels great when carrying around. After all is said in done; The SmartSuit 2 by The Joy Factory is now on the top of my "Recommend to friends and family" list.