Review : The SlateShield for iPad 2


I love the iPad, obviously, and I assume since you are visiting "TheiPadFan" that you do too. While the iPad isn't heavy it's not easy to hold for hours on end. It also isn't the most drop-friendly gadget and protecting it is something many users find themselves wanting to do. Add to that a desire to stand it up or prop it up for easier keying, and a great deal of iPad owners find themselves in need of cases or stands. The Apple Smart Cover was designed to protect the screen and allow for propping up in many ways, but it's not the best solution out there for heavy users. The SlateShield for iPad 2 is a case that is designed to work in variety of ways, and protect the device as well.

The SlateShield ($54.95) is made from a hard plastic and the inside is lined with a felt that allows one to slip the iPad into it without worrying about scratches. There are cutouts for all the necessities, such as speaker, headphones, dock, volume, etc. On the back is a hand-strap that allows users to slip a hand in and get a nice firm grip on the iPad and hold it for hours without having to struggle. Your hand just sits flush against the back and makes holding it, for long periods or just a short read, simple and easy. The strap is adjustable for different hand sizes and even better it rotates 360° to allow for the perfect viewing angle in portrait, landscape, or anything in-between.

In addition to the hand-strap, the back has built-in stand. The stand allows the device to sit on a hard surface, propped up in landscape or portrait, as well as the standard typing angle users have come to find very useful.

The only downside to the case is the lack of protection on the screen. And while it won't work with a Smart Cover, I'd recommend getting a screen protection shield to ensure the screen stays nice too. The SlateShield is otherwise very durable and I recommend it for users who use the iPad for small grouped presentations while in the field (maybe coaches too), or those who really want an easy way to hold the iPad while moving around. Watch the video below for more info!