Review : elago S5 Slim Fit for the iPhone 5


I recently picked up an iPhone 5, and the screen, the speed, the increased height, and the decreased thickness all make it a step up from my iPhone 4. It's an amazing device. Yet I still felt the desire to put it in a case. Now, I'm not one who loves to use bulky cases. You're not going to find me putting my iPhone in some thick military-grade housing. I leave those for my wife. Instead, I tend to go for the thinnest case I can find, to add just a little protection and grippy-ness to the device if I can. Maybe a little extra style too.

With that said, I was recently given the chance to try out the elago S5 Slim Fit for the iPhone 5 ($24.99).

The case is very thin and light. It precisely fits the iPhone 5 with no wiggle room. It's a tight fit, which is nice. I've used cases before where the phone can move within the case and it's annoying, and at times dust and dirt find a way behind it...I don't feel like that will be a huge issue with the elago S5 Slim Fit. Time will tell.

The case is also designed to allow full and easy access to all buttons and ports, and has a back cut-out for the Apple logo. Included with the case is a film to place over the Apple logo so that it is still protected from scratches but is also visible when using the case. Some think this is pointless, I personally love the simple addition. I like seeing the Apple logo on my devices.

One of the best features of the S5 Slim Fit aside from the super thin and light casing, is what they call "Anti-Ghost Camera Hole". It's designed to prevent those pesky shadows and reflections from occurring when using the flash. Some cases have issues with this, not the S5 Slim Fit. I found no problems with using the flash together with this case.

But how does it look? In short. It looks great! The metallic finish really is gorgeous and doesn't make the iPhone look cheap or like I downgraded just because I put a case on it. I like that. A lot.

If you're looking for a very tight fitting, beautiful looking case, that adds almost no bulk to the iPhone 5, and ensures you can still take excellent photos...check out the elago S5 Slim Fit. They come in a large variety of colors and styles.