Review : The Architect Stylus


The iPad is designed to work without a stylus. Or at least without a stylus that you are not born with. However, many people have found that writing and such with your finger is not the most ideal solution. It works, but for long note-taking it's really not the best situation. Therefore designers and accessory makers have been filling this void nicely. There are obviously some that are more well made than others, but each stylus I've reviewed does it's job "well enough". It's all really about personal taste, and when it comes to the Architect Stylus, you're getting a stylus that is comfortable to hold, and works with the iPad screen nicely.

I'm not going to try to convey that one stylus is vastly superior to another, as I said, they either work or they don't right now, after that it's up to your own taste to decide if one is better for you. There are many different thicknesses to the different stylus options. There are some that are short, some long, some light, some heavier. Some have a felt tip, some a rubbery tip. Again, it's about finding what works best for you. The limitations of each and every iPad stylus is precision, and as it stands now, no one has gotten this perfect, until someone does, they are all very very similar.

Personally I like the rubberized tips best. I also like a shorter but "not too short stylus" more so than a super long one...and tend to use one in the middle most of the time. This means the Architect Stylus is right up my ally. It's not too long, not too short, is super light, and has a nice rubber tip. I like that there is a uniquely designed cap with it to protect the tip, and even more so...that the cap can be screwed on to the opposite end when not in use. This is nice so I don't lose it, sure...but also because it adds a little length to it (making it a very ideal size). The cap has a slot to allow one to put a cord on it to attach it to a bag, which is great. It will always be hanging there in the bag, unscrew it from the cap, use it, then replace it by screwing it back on. The overall look of the stylus is very elegant. It's smooth to the touch, and glides effortlessly across the iPad's screen.

Overall, the Architect Stylus ($22.95) is a worthy accessory for anyone looking to buy a stylus for their iPad. I am not going to say it's the best out there, but that's because, as I said, these are types of accessories tend to be very similar in their abilities right now. Until someone can come up with one that has a point like a pencil/pen tip and works flawlessly on the iPad's screen that is. But again, this a very nice stylus and worth taking a look at if you're in the market for one, and the unique cap gives it a little something extra, that I do like, a lot.