Patent reveals Apple iPad without physical buttons

Apple iPad 2.  While we all await the announcement and subsequent release of the next version of Apple's "magical" device, new patents have been uncovered which indicate future iPads may eliminate physical buttons.  

iPad Bezel Patent

According to Patently Applethe picture above reveals:

"In Apple's patent FIG. 12A we see an illustrated tablet and/or future iPad, with a housing/bezel (152) that contains a number of sensors/actuators (154). In particular, for example, in one embodiment the housing may include touch sensors, pressure sensors, light emitters, and/or haptic actuators, etc. represented by the sensors/actuators and accelerometers."

What this means is the future of the iPad may see increases in touch-controls, eliminating the need for buttons of any sort.  In their place, users would swipe, tap, touching and squeezing areas to control different functions.

For example a downward swipe would reduce volume whilst an upward swipe would increase it. The patent also explains that a double tap on the screen would wake up the iPad from hibernation.

The patent revelation would indicate that the iPad 2 more than likely will not feature these types of controls, but future iPad’s, perhaps the iPad 3, may arrive with Apple's traditional bezel.

Would you like to see an iPad without a bezel?  What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of iPads without a bezel would present?