New iPad cleared for 3G use in China


China’s government has approved Apple’s third generation iPad for sale, bringing the multimedia tablet even closer to store shelves in the country. Electronic devices like the iPad pass through several rounds of approval before they can officially be sold in China.

The Wall Street Journal reports China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center has provided Apple with a mandatory license for a 3G compatible device, leading them to believe that it could be for none other than the new iPad.

The WiFi version of the new iPad is currently available in China, but gaining 3G approval has proven much more difficult for Apple.

The third generation iPad is actually 4G capable, although networks outside the United States and Canada aren’t supporting the 4G frequencies the tablet uses, instead offering only 3G. China’s Unicom cell service provider offers 3G frequencies the iPad supports.

There hasn’t been an official announcement yet as to when the newest iPad model will be in stores in China, although products typically go on sale within a few weeks after approval.