What Is Going On With The iPad 2 Screen?


The iPad 2 is finally here.  It is thinner, lighter, faster, and more powerful than the first iPad.  Overall it is a joy to hold and use.  But not everyone is happy.  A growing number of iPad 2 users are reporting what appears to be yellowish discoloration around the edges of the iPad 2 screen.

What is causing this?

At the moment there are two theories.  The first is that Apple rushed the iPad 2 to market and the glue used to bond the screen to the iPad 2's glass has not completely dried yet causing the discoloration.  Apparently this happened with the iPhone 4 when it was first released and after a few days the problems literally disappeared.

The other theory is that there is a manufacturing defect causing light from the LEDs surrounding the iPad 2 screen to leak over into the viewing area.  I have actually seen this happen in some edge lit LED TVs and heard this referred to as "the flashlight effect" as it looks like tiny flashlights are shining from the edges of the display.

How do you know if you have an iPad 2 that is effected?

There is an easy test to see if your iPad 2 has this issue.  You will need to look at a black screen.  Either download an all black image or just open up Safari and go to the view where you can choose between multiple web pages with no pages open. Then turn the brightness all the way up and turn your lights all the way down.  If your iPad 2 suffers from this you should be able to clearly see a yellowish discoloration around the edges of your iPad 2.

Since this issue may not be seen under most normal use, I have a feeling there are quite a few people who have iPad 2s with this problem but just have not noticed it yet.  For some it will not be a big deal, while it will surely drive others crazy.

Oh no, I have a bad iPad 2.  What should I do?

Contact Apple.  Apple has excellent customer service and they will help you get a new iPad 2.  I personally noticed this problem on my first iPad 2 and Apple exchanged mine for a second iPad 2.  Unfortunately, the problem is also apparent on my second iPad 2.  At this point I am just going to wait a few days and see if it goes away.  Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon as it is really the only thing detracting from an otherwise amazing product.

Are you experiencing this issue with your iPad 2?  Let us know.