iPad 2 to feature built-in kickstand?

iPad 2 Kickstand

Might the next iPad, iPad 2, feature a built-in kickstand for viewing content, reading, and working, at a variety of different angles? According to a discovery by Patently Apple, iPad 2, or future iPads may feature a kickstand.

A recent filing at the US Patent & Trademark Office by Apple suggests the company and its engineers have been working on a built-in kickstand with adjustable levels.

The patent which showed up at the USPTO recently shows a bendable kickstand at the rear of the future iPad (iPad 2, iPad 3?) which has the ability to be set at two levels, one ideal for viewing media and the other for typing and browsing (like on a keyboard). Furthermore it also appears to allow you to set the iPad at different angles if need be.

The built-in iPad kickstand allows operation in both landscape and portrait mode. Hit the source link for the full details and technical specifications on the iPad kickstand. But don't hold your breath about having it make its way into the iPad 2 as the the USPTO trademark filing was only done on February 3rd, a little late we think.

What do you think?  Will the next iPad feature a kickstand or will iPad owners have to revert to using cases and other items to view their magical device at various angles?