Holy Apple Batman! Man Builds Batmobile Guided by iPad


Apple's iPad has been installed in an airplane cockpit and in the dashes of consumer automobiles, but never has an iPad taken flight in the automobile of a fictional superhero.  That is until now.

Casey Putsch has created his very own Batmobile with some super features never-before-seen on a Batmobile.

Putsch's Batmobile is the first to run using turbine technology.  The car uses a Boeing turboshaft engine taken straight from a naval drone helicopter, providing 385 HP worth of power for the 2,800 lb. vehicle.

Impressive engine, yes, but it's the interior that is equally as splendid.


That's right, Putsch has installed an Apple iPad into the center console of his Batmobile for use as an avionics system and for GPS information.

What do you think of the car?  A batty idea or something you'd like to drive around?