Chinese official says Apple doesn't own iPad trademark


New comments from Proview Technology show that the company thinks it is “likely” to settle with Apple out of court in the iPad trademark feud between the two firms. While Apple has been vigorously fighting Proview’s claims in China, a Proview attorney told the AP that the company always expected to settle with Apple. Apple may welcome a settlement if one is to believe a Chinese official. According to the official, Chinese courts do not believe that the iPad trademark belongs to Apple and could ultimately rule in Proview’s favor if a settlement could not be reached.

This revelation comes from Fu Shuangjian, the vice minister of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. He claims that based on the trademark laws on China, the iPad moniker does indeed belong to Proview.

The implications could be huge should Apple lose the lawsuit. It might result in an injunction, fines and huge damages that they would be required to pay Proview.

It’s likely the case will reach a settlement, with Proview’s plan of moving the case to the United States being their method of reaching a swift conclusion to which company owns the iPad trademark.