Best Apple iPad 2 data plan, Verizon or AT&T?

Apple iPad 2

Now that Apple has announced iPad 2, featuring improvements across the board from the original iPad: increased processing speed, slimmer design, less weight, cameras and a gyroscope.

Even with the device’s improvements one thing remains the same, the price.  iPad 2 prices will be identical to those of iPad 1.

Unlike the original iPad which solely utilized AT&T’s data network AT&T data network, iPad 2 will be available through both AT&T and Verizon.  The question for consumers now becomes which wireless service provider will give you the best data plan?

According to Computerworld, Verizon will offer tiered monthly data plans:

  • $20 for 1GB
  • $35 for 3GB
  • $50 for 5GB
  • $80 for 10GB

AT&T offers two options (assuming of course you aren’t one of the fortunate ones grandfathered in with access to unlimited data at $25):

  • $14.99 for 250MB
  • $25 for 2GB

Exceeding your data limits with AT&T will cost one $10 per additional GB.

That said, it appears AT&T will provide the cheapest monthly rate, and for $5 more than, will offer an extra GB of data.

Another item of note concerning iPad 2, is how one pays for the data plan.   When launched, AT&T will allow iPad users to choose a postpaid plan whereby AT&T will add up your data usage and then add it to your monthly wireless bill.  Verizon will not offer such an option, keeping only the prepaid version.

Thankfully for consumers, neither company requires one to execute a contract for the data plan.

Which company will you choose data through if you purchase a 3G-enabled iPad 2?  What plan will you opt for and why?