Apple finally releases iTunes 11

iTunes 11

Apple has released the latest version of  iTunes, iTunes 11, marking the largest overhaul of the software in years as the company battles the growth of other music services including streaming options like Rdio, Pandora and Spotify. After being delayed a month due to reported "engineering issues",  iTunes 11, is available to download now for Mac and PC.

Apple claims iTunes has been "completely redesigned" from the ground up. For those with a mobile device from Apple which runs iOS 6, the look and feel of iTunes 11 will seem quite familiar.

The updates make iTunes simpler to use, and feature a cleaner, yet visually-rich look and feel.

Other additions and changes include:

  • Album covers expanding outwards to show more songs and data, including related tracks and music that is available to purchase
  • The iTunes mini-player has been redesigned to include an Up Next feature showing what tracks are going to play and in what order, with album art, title and artist.
  • You can now purchase music directly from your music library without needing to navigate the the iTunes store.
  • Easier playlist creation.

 iTunes 11 also provides greater iCloud integration, allowing users streaming music, movie and TV show ability.

One thing you will not find in iTunes 11 is a streaming music service. Users are still required to pay and download music rather than pay a monthly all-you-can-stream fee offered by the aforementioned Rdio and Spotify.

Download iTunes 11 now from, or if you already have iTunes installed on your computer,  you will be prompted to download the update next time you log on.