In Case You Missed It - 8-28-2015

In Case You Missed It

There is always so much going on in the world of technology and Apple, that sometimes things fall between the cracks. There are also so many different places to get news about Apple it can be overwhelming at times, this is a list of some stories you could have missed. Just wanted to toss them in your direction.

New or old, just in case you missed them.

Dr. Dre & Apple Address Dre Abuse Accusations

The release of “Straight Outta Compton,” a film detailing Hip-Hop group N.W.A.’s history brought the spotlight back to old accusations involving Dr. Dre physically abusing women. Dre has now made statements regarding his checkered past.

While these are horrible situations and Dre was obviously not the best human years ago, it is obvious that he is a changed man. Read more at the link below.

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Apple Music Festival Arriving in September for Ten Nights at London’s Roundhouse

The Apple Music Festival will be at London's Roundhouse for 10 nights, September 19 - 28. Headlining the festival will be performances from Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence and The Machine, and Disclosure.

Performances will be broadcast live on Apple Music, iTunes, and through the Apple Music Festival channel on Apple TV.

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Tennessee Teen Uses Siri to Save His Life After Being Pinned by Truck

Sam Ray was working underneath his truck over a month ago when it fell and pinned him. Read the amazing story of how a young man used Siri to get help and probably save his life.

“This arm was above my head, tangled up,” he said. “I know it was on the exhaust because it was burnt from here up.”

Ray is currently recovering from his injuries. And you thought Siri was only for jokes and bad dictation....

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Apple's Tim Cook Says Student Have Right to ‘Great Public Education’

Apple is part of the White House initiative known as ConnectED. The goal of the program is to connect 99 percent of U.S. schools to good technology.

Cook, speaking to Good Morning America said, “I think technology has to be a key part [of education] and that’s why we’re here. Too many times today kids aren't given the right for a great public education and this isn't right. It's not fair."

Tim Cook has changed much of what people thought of Apple over the last few years. One thing he hasn't changed is its place in education. Even if he is ramping up its involvement.

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New Apple Music Ads

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