5 Must Have Apple iPad Productivity Tools

If the iPad is truly a mobile business tool bridge between your computer (laptop or desktop) and phone, how can you use the device to be more productive in you business, advertising and marketing efforts? Below are 5 apps for the iPad that will enhance your productivity and make you happy that you were part of the first wave of iPad purchasers, the Wi-Fi version, and soon the 3G supported version, while others snicker behind your back thinking you were duped yet again by Apple. 1. Split Browser This app is essentially what it says it is. Two browsers, two independent toolbars, with a division bar so you can resize your pages in either portrait or landscape mode. You can tweet, or use the web version of Facebook, while replying to emails all from one $1.99 app.

2. Evernote

If you don’t like the standard Notes app loaded on the iPad, try Evernote. Evernote is one of the most feature rich multi-platform notes app available. Designed to match Apple’s Mail app, this FREE app, is a must have for anyone looking to stay productive.

3. Toodledo

If task management is central to you, Toodledo is your tool. This app, for $2.99, provides a combination of a simple and clean design, while allowing for user specific customization.

4. 1Password

If you are like most working stiffs you have to keep track of multiple user IDs and passwords for multiple systems. 1Password is an award-winning password and identity manager, which, for $6.99, syncs across your iPad, iPhone and desktop.

5. Multitask This app adds a simple RSS reader in the sidebar of your browser while you surf the web. Your news of choice while you browse for only $2.99.

The above are but a few of the apps that enhance productivity, and are those that won't break the bank. What tools have you found to make you more productive on your iPad?