Jony Ive - What This Means?!

I can't believe the insane commentary and theories and complete lack of understanding so many are bringing to the table with the the news that Jony Ive has taken a new (newly created) position within Apple. The position? Chief Deign Officer. Sounds pretty logical to me. Of course that's not how the "interwebs" took it. 

It's pretty simple. This is about the future. Perhaps not even of any predetermined time-frame. Just the future. The future of Apple. The future of design at Apple. 

Steve Jobs had a plan. He had a plan for his successor and how things should happen. Did that plan go accordingly? Exactly as laid out? No, probably not. He was planning for the future of Apple though. Ensuring it was in good hands.

That's why this move doesn't mean anything. Not right now. All it says is that Apple and Tim Cook and Jony Ive are planning for the future. It says that those in the higher ranks of the company know that there will come a day when Ive is no longer around. They need to plan for it. Simple as that.

Instead of everyone freaking out, everyone should be happy. They're looking ahead. Not just a few feet in front of them, but into the distance. This is what Apple does. They look at where they want to go and what's coming, create a road-map and plan, then execute. Jony Ive's new position and responsibilities within Apple are no different. Relax.

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Video - Apple Watch Tips - Music

Over the past couple weeks we've brought you a good number of Apple Watch tips. From changing the monogram to the Apple logo, changing the color picker in digital touch, making text easier to read, and many more. Today however, is all about music.

How do you AirPlay music from the Apple Watch? Sync a playlist? Find out in the video below.

Do We Need An iPad Pro?

Rumors of an iPad Pro have been circulating for what seems like forever. I doubt its existence inside Cupertino about as much as I used to doubt the existence of a smaller iPad. Apple surely tests all sorts of products and product versions and sizes. The iPad in larger format exists. I have no doubt.

I do however have to wonder if it's something we'll ever see them ship. 

I keep looking at my iPad Air 2 and thinking, "this is big enough". I imagine trying to carry around a larger than iPad Air 2 iPad and can't see it. It seems unwieldily. Not unwieldy like "Apple won't do a 5.5 inch iPhone because Steve Jobs said such and such is the perfect size" unwieldily. But just simply hard to carry around, and hard to hold, and hard to use.

I've used the Surface. In many of its forms. The RT, 2, Pro get the idea. Besides my dislike of the OS and Microsoft in general, I found the thing just impossible to hold and use. It was just awkward. Not that using it on a surface...haha...was a great experience, but it made sense at least. 

I say the above because that's how the idea of a larger iPad feels to me. Something that just doesn't make much sense.

What does make sense?

Image by Martin Hajek - Click To Enlarge

Apple using pro add-ons and pro-infused software along with an iPad Air 3 to make it an iPad Pro. Things like force-touch and pressure sensitivity along with an Apple Pen. A Smart Cover with keyboard that not only props up the iPad but allows users to key easily. Or maybe a great update to the software keyboard that utilizes the same engine that makes the MacBook's trackpad "feel" like your clicking when you really aren't. Bring side-by-side apps or something like it, and some additions to Apple apps for the pro user...and well, you have an iPad Pro. 

Maybe Apple will come out in June or in the Autumn and reveal the fabled iPad Pro in all it's 12.9 or whatever inch glory. Maybe it they'll demonstrate it with a keyboard cover and stand, an Apple Pen, and special software that only runs on this particular version of the iPad. Alongside maybe they'll update the iPad Air to the 3rd generation, and the iPad mini to the 4th generation. Both will be incremental updates and will not run this new specialized software, nor will the "pro" add-on's work with the devices. Maybe that's exactly how things play out.

Or maybe it won't. 

At this point I just have a hard to imagining a reason for a separate iPad Pro to exist alongside the iPad Air and iPad mini. That doesn't mean come late this year I wouldn't have changed my mind if Apple released such a device. I am not saying I can't be convinced. When it comes to Apple, they're usually pretty good at the convincing.


Video - Apple Watch Tips

Once again here are some Apple Watch Tips. Want to know how to use handoff? Change the call volume when taking a call via the watch? How about adding new customized watch faces? Check out the video.

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